To hit, or assault.

Used to threaten physical violence against another in a vague manner.

Heard in London.
I'll bong you upside yo'headpiece.
by Bartleby Tidders December 07, 2005
A really cool word to describe a really cool thing.
1: Check this shit out..I met the boys from 311 last night. They're the best dude..the best.
2: Bong.
by Kirsten January 22, 2004
a device used for pussies who either cant roll a blunt or a brother whos too high to roll a blunt
whip tha bong out i gotts bout another 3 more G's
by i forgot April 28, 2005
Water pipe used to get high as fuck
If the bong doesn't bubble it's not worth the trouble
by Fat black kid loser September 08, 2015

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