the coolest thing to smoke weed from!
i used a "strap on" bong to smoke my weed with sharky! lmao!
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Mostley used by cool people who like getting blazed. A device in which water filters the smoke so no chunks of weed get in ur mouth. You light filled bowl of bud and breath through the end of it. Once it just starts to hurt your throat you release the carb causing a shit load of smoke going down your lungs and then you start coughing like a bitch.
"Yo, pass that bong man."
"That bong kicked my ass man. *COUGH*."
by davy mofo November 16, 2005
Device used mostly for cannabis smoking.
can be combined with gasmask for pwnage result and respect.

Guy with hair looking like he just toked the biggest bowl of super skunk ever, in one hit.

Catchphrase from the movie Jay and silent bob, when pwning someone.
Thats a cool pencil holder maan.
Nope thats a "bong" its used for time travel. or.

Woow look at the guy with the fucked up hair I think im gonna name him Bong.

"I smoked that guys ass, !!Booooouunng!!.
by Methodiac February 14, 2005
1.) A cool device to smoke weed out of

2.) One way of saying either:
- "I'm kidding"
- "That's cool"
1.) "Yo, do you think we should Pull some G's, smoke out of your blue bong, or just use my pipe?"

-"Dude, suck my dick- BONG!!!!"
-"Look at all this weed man! BONG!!!!"
by Cheech & Chong August 03, 2004
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