the only way to smoke weed.
bong that shit
by sd October 13, 2003
unites all four elements. earth. wind. fire. water.
dude! i lit up tht bong last night and got completely baked!
by mctitties44 June 29, 2011
An ornament used to decorate the houses of young adults. Can also be used to burn incense.
Mum, "Oh that's a lovely ornamental piece, what is it?"
Son, "It's my bong, it really pipes up this drab place"
by BanterousNinja February 27, 2015
A bong is a bottle with a “bowl” that is used to hold cannabis flowers or “buds” as most people call them that is then lit with a lighter where the smoke travels through a stem and into a “chamber” where the smoke is held. With water at the bottom of the “chamber” It cools the smoke that travels into the “chamber” which is then inhaled by the user the via the “mouthpiece”. Bongs also feature a “carb” which is a hole in the BONG used to filter and clear the smoke and oxygen entering the bong. But most people wonder why “Stoners” bother with bongs.

Bongs are used by cannabis smokers if they don’t like to roll joints (A marijuana cigarette) and also because of the fact that joints are harsher on lungs. Also smokers can save more weed using bongs by extinguishing the burning marijuana in the “bowl” and “saves a lot of weed in in the longrun.”
d00d #1: Crap bro I forgot my joints. They're a bitch to roll you know
d00d #2: It's cool bro I have my BONG we can both share.
d00d #1: :D
by mattchewy2 September 28, 2011
they get you fucked lie...the proper tool for a proper hump day. If you want to get fucked up nice and quick, a bong is the best way to go...a bong is probably more important to true heads than anything else...they dream, talk, write,and draw about it...most even name their bong to make it complete
damn let me hit that bong one more time...wanna go to the beach
by i aint cha bitch March 31, 2005
A bong is like a heavenly pipe made of mysterious, colourd stuff. It has been used for billions of years. recently they found the biggest and propably most funkiest bong in the history of gettin a little high, like a towel would say.
if you ever tried to smoke a bong without water, you sure know that you should have known before. so here it is: put water into a bong before smoking it.
Remember, always buy a big "small/medium" head.

you can smoke it all with one hit - you can...
my advice: Smoke a lot of bong! The more you smoke - the more you will need to feed that bong!
"Duuuude, that bong is tha shit!"

"Holy Bongomolie, Bob's bong just raped my lungs, bro'!"
by Bob Morane the insane Cook February 10, 2010
Used to smoke marijuana mostly. But can be used to smoke other things.
Glass bongs are the best.
Come on over and he can hit the bong
by dewnsey November 15, 2003
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