A giant-pipe like object, used for smoking weed.
He puffed the bong.

Man you just toked that bong!
by David Smith March 09, 2004
a marijuana smoking device often considered more healthy/less harsh then pipes, steamrollers n joints.
dude wtf pouring bong water in a vagina wont make it taste better you dumbfuck. this was obviously stated by someone who has never drank bong water.
by Blazin' Pirate June 30, 2003
the reason why all the plastic water bottles in your house have been missing
no mom, that's not a bong. it's uh, a lamp.
by titdirt10 July 09, 2010
a device that helps Michael Phelps win gold medals
dude what is that? oh that bong helps me win gold medals.. Micheal Phelps uses one!
by big B BONG March 18, 2010
the best tool for smokeing pot
by Jenn May 27, 2003
a interesting melody that can entice the human mind to be more creative and think of interestingly complex items
"man this bong has made my mind come up with, like, crazy shit duude. How does garfield eat that much lasangna?"
by Cool_dude October 13, 2003
a plastic or glass device, usually containing water, used to smoke the sacred herb. bongs will knock you off your ass faster than a doobie or pipe, somethin about em just hits harder and easier (the water cools the smoke so it's a lot less harsh on your throat)
there's an art to packing a bowl, I swear to god. pack it right and a bong will burn through the whole bowl with one light
by Narwhal May 15, 2007

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