A water filtered bud smoking device, usually cylindrical in shape with various sizes, colors, add-ons, enhancements, chambers and bowls. A more efficient and healthy way to get blazed. Its always a crowd pleaser.
DUDE HURRY! pack the bong, its 4:19!
by Jake of Spades {187} August 16, 2008
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Something that will make all of your hot pockets dissapear
Jay and silent bob RECKONIZE
"Bong me"

"that bong immedietly exhausted our supply of hot-pockets
by Xndrr August 04, 2006
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A sainted and holy invention. Water pipe used for smoking groovy ganja. Sometimes ice is added to the water to cool the smoke.

I love my bong!
by schteve April 01, 2003
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A bong is a smoking device whose origins lie somewhere in or around Vietnam. A standard bong generally consists of a glass tube with the stem, and a removable bowl (though there are pieces with carburators and fixed bowls). The body is filled with water until the stem is submerged about one inch (less for smaller bongs), the bowl is inserted into the stem (with smoking material), and the smoking material is introduced to an open flame as the user lowers the air pressure in the chamber by sucking, causing smoke to be drawn through the water and filtered (a precooler may be inserted in the stem for better filtration). The user then, while sucking, removes the bowl and sucks, causing the smoke to be forced into the lungs.

Bongs offer health benefits as bong water tends to remove a number of carcinogens, lowering the smoker's chances of contracting illnesses such as lung cancer. For marijuana users, the bong offers a better high than most other methods (except for oral administration), as the smoke is less harsh, and quite cool (even more so when mixed with ice), enabling the inhalation of more smoke.

With marijuana use, bong water can be saved, and after being stored for a period of time, a slimy resin can be collected from the bottom of the container and smoked. However, drinking of bong water is not advised, as it contains negligible amounts of THC and higher levels of carcinogenic material
don't drink the bong water
by wwwwoooooooo! October 07, 2006
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a long cylindrical tube made of various material used to smoke marijuana (and other smokable plants)
Last night I took a toke off a 6 foot bong. It was righteous!
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
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Device used to smoke weed, the bong is prolly the best thing to use if u want to get really fucked up, depending on how it was made. Glass Bongs are the only bongs that deserve being called bongs, but other materials pass too.
Man the bowl aint cuttin it, im only buzzing i think its time we pull out the bong.
by sToNeD January 12, 2005
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Type of waterpipe used for smoking. Smoking a bong allowed M.Phelps to win all of his gold medals.
M.Phelps - "Phew, glad i smoked a bong before that big race. I knew i wouldn't place first without it."
by Cash_adssmoke February 05, 2009
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