What happens when there's leftover genetic material in the genepool. Or what happens when teenagers didn't listen in Sex Ed when a picture of a strange baby was show with a caption that said "This could happen to you!"
Don't be such a Bongwater
Bongwater is at it again.
What the GAC did Bongwater say?
by Dsmevolution August 02, 2006
The girl at the party which every guy has hit but is diry as hell
Yo, have you seen the bong water over there, she's fucking gross...
by BriMahoney June 09, 2007
a mineral water that is created when as you smoke your bong.
smells like shit on the carpet spill'in.
by op March 11, 2004
Term used by stoners to describe something extremely vile and/or rancid.
Did you see Old Man Jenkins in that man thong? It was like, extreme bong water dude.
by Micah the Fox September 29, 2006
The water inside a water bong. Resinated very much. Full of THC.
"Drink the bong water man, it'll fuck you up."
by MF September 01, 2002
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