A girl that weighs under 115lbs
She look like a bunch of bones collected from a boneyard
#skinny #petite #tiny #bony #boney
by Peteflex October 24, 2012
A graveyard full of airplanes.
Many old retired aircrafts, such as the Boeing 707s, 727s, early 737s and 747s can be seen in the boneyard.
#graveyard #boneyards #airplanes #jetliner #dead
by TheSpamdude December 19, 2011
Snoop's term for his Bedroom
meet me in the boneyard say, 7,8,9,10 minutes!
by herbie fersmels May 11, 2003
n. a place to lay around
v. to lay around
They boneyarded in the garage after the party.
by Rolls October 19, 2004
the area at a strip club where the men sit to watch the dancers perform
Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to the Furry Beaver.

My name is Jezebel, I am your hostess.

I will show you to the boneyard, Angel is about to perform and you don't want to miss her pole tricks.
#stripper #pole dance #boner #exotic dancer #pocket rocket
by One Fish, Two Fisch July 20, 2011
A small dish or bowl used to collect shells, bones, skewers, wrappers, or other such expendable additions to meal, typically finger foods served at parties.
At the end of the night, the boneyard next to the basket of chips was filled with bones from chicken wings, tails from shrimp cocktails, the cracked cases of walnuts, and wrappers from Hershey's kisses.
#bons #shells #shrimp #chicken #cocktail #party #food #entree #appetizers
by curtis x meyer December 10, 2010
(1) a person lacking competence.
(2) a person who is making a fool of himself or herself.
I'm happy that we're in a class with a bunch of boneyards, it will help us with the curve!

Did you Sarah last night? She was such a boneyard!
#fool #idiot #stupid #unintelligent #incompetent
by Legality December 14, 2008
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