Slang for graveyard.
I wonder what happens when they fill up that boneyard?
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
Top Definition
(also shortened to 'yard) Noun representing sexual intercourse
I'd take her to the boneyard...
yeah, we've been around the 'yard... Is this the front yard or the Boneyard?
by ahahnn August 11, 2003
The extra bunch of bones set aside for pulling when you are not able to make a play during dominoes, mother fucker.
Julie is always goin' to the boneyard, heh, she'll never win!
by Gemilie August 31, 2006
a cemetery
look at all the old headstones in that boneyard.
by Ralph Owen December 18, 2003
bedroom where you have sex
I'll meet you at the bone yard.
by Renegade January 20, 2004
a large group of men experiencing the sexual condition of a boner, all at the same time. very common in the viewing of a new megan fox movie.
"damn!!! the theater was a complete boneyard when megan fox opened the car hood in transformers!!!"
by bobo980 November 01, 2009
A graveyard full of airplanes.
Many old retired aircrafts, such as the Boeing 707s, 727s, early 737s and 747s can be seen in the boneyard.
by TheSpamdude December 19, 2011

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