Nothing but a good ole erection, boner, hard-on, or anything else you want to call it, just with a childish twist.
Haha everyone look! Cody's got a boney!
#boner #erection #hard-on #chub #stiffie
by Marcus Rutherford April 24, 2007
Top Definition
(slang)someone very skinny or thin
Nicole Richie is soooo boney.
#boeny #skinny #thin #not fat #beony
by Dat1Girl4rmDa513...YURR! May 03, 2007
A name given to a man who is exuberant, outgoing and affectionate. He is sympathetic and trustworthy. Really knows how to make you feel good. He is a brave individual who knows how to celebrate life and makes things happen. Loves to indulge in creative stuff. Knows his music well. He is sexy, romantic, has a great body, and on fire in bed.
"Damn Boney is hot"

"Boney got game"

"I'm in love with Boney"
#hot #sexual #leadership #courage #smart #go-getter
by sweetbrneyes February 03, 2010
A fictional award for the Adult Film Awards on the Simpson
Body Guard "Sir we just lost the Adult Film Awards"

Mayor Quimby" Not the Boneys!"
#adult #simpsons #simsons #film #poncho
by Hurtado The Great June 30, 2006
Slang developed for Napoleon Bonaparté developed by the British Army when fighting his troops. This was also used by the Prussian troops to some extent.
Boney is moving toward Russia. The Huns intend to stop him
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
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