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1 : when one, in the midst of sexual arousal, views something that causes an immediate termination in arousal

2 : any material that is deemed completely unarousing or sexually disturbing
"Dude, that picture of your grandma naked was total bonerkill."
by Vanov March 16, 2005
64 18
verb- the act of losing one's erection due to any of the five senses being negatively influenced by an un attractive lifeform.
Lafawnda just boner killed me.
by Hamsandwiches July 27, 2005
166 36
Noun. Literally, A Boner Kill is any thing, person, event, or disruption of the 5 senses, that causes one to lose an erection. Boner Kill is also used to refer to any situation which takes a dramatic turn for the worse.
"Dude, last night, I was over at Cheryl's and we were hookin up, everything was normal and good, when outa no where she tells me that she loves me. What a Boner Kill, right?"
friend - "dude it looks like someone hit your car"
friend 2 - "Talk about a Boner Kill"
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
61 24
The complete and utter eradication of any positive sexual feelings present in a male's erect penis, rendering it flaccid.

Not to be confused with "Buzz-Kill"
Immediately after the intro of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show featuring Marisa Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum and other thorough-bred dime pieces in hardly any clothing, a commercial of an overweight Elvis is aired. Ew...Bonerkill.
by Batman and Robin MU December 01, 2009
34 6
pretty self explanatory..
When someone shares information you didn't want to know, especially if the person is of the opposite sex. When a girl, who initially was turning you on, turns you off by, for example, giving you hand backwards or getting tired and giving up. Also used to express general disgust.
"Pete, dudeee... i heard about you and Francesca! How are things with a new buckfuddy??"
"Go on."
"Well Stef, everything was fine. She was giving me hand and then she kinda just... got tired, slowed down and kind of... stopped... it was kinda like losing power in the middle of a hockey game... what a boner-kill."
"I think I'm gonna cry."
by Ultimatejerk September 01, 2006
13 4
Someone who ruins a moment or a funny joke. A kill joy, or party pooper.
When John didn't want to go to the concert he was being a boner kill.
by Eva-lynn November 28, 2005
30 21
someone who is very ugly or when someone screws up your plans
god dammit that stupid bitch bonerkill fucked everything up. fuck!!!
by juancarlos December 30, 2005
30 22