The "Daddy-O": A person who everyone loves, a man of the highest calibre, someone who everyone looks up to (metaphor). Usually 5ft 10.
Sam gets all the girls, he's the bone dog
by bone dog May 19, 2005
Top Definition
A bonedog is a hot dog that contains machine deboned meat.
Manufacturers of hot dogs are allowed to add a percentage of "machine deboned meat" to hot dogs - the deboning consisting of grinding bones and then extruding the bones and bone fragments from the "meat" by means of sieves and other mechanical devices, possibly leaving behind a residue of bone fragments. Therefore: "bonedog."
by Sheldon070654 August 23, 2005
Another term for a Male erect penis and and compound form of the word "boner"
"Yo dude let's watch the Victoria Secret fashion show before we go out"

"Naw man I don't want to be seen in public with a razor-sharp bone dog"
by Surjohnson December 02, 2011
to get down and dirty in the sheets or wherever you can pull a car over
I bone dogged the hell out of him in walmarts parking lot last night.
by Jennifer dog March 07, 2008
1.A person (usually a female) that is so ugly, that the ugliness goes down to the bone. Personality and all. People say that beauty is skin deep, but this ugliness goes to the bone.
2.Someone who maybe good looking, but their personilty is so repugnant that the ugliness is in the core of their body, making them entirely undesirable.
1.Person 1: Sarah is such an insulting bitch. And it is not as though she is good looking.
Person 2: She is a proper bone dog, man. For real.

2.Person 1: I saw Casey today and she is one fine honey! Mmmm. I'd like to get me a piece of that!
Person 2: Yeah! For sure. But if you spent 5 minutes with her you would see what a bone dog she is. Man, her bullshit gets on my nerves and winds me right up.
by Willerby January 15, 2004
n. insignificant, symbolic monetary work bonus; a "bonus" in name only

adj. intended to pacify with money: as in "throwing a dog a bone"
Tiffany was looking forward to her Christmas bone-dog; Tiffany was always disappointed in her office's bone-dog approach to quarterly bonuses.
by Slater29 March 09, 2011
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