to be really high or really drunk
"Yo man, i got so boned this weekend"
"I was so boned last night"
"Dude let's get boned"
by annieboo May 12, 2008
Term identifying technology that allows female couples to create offspring using the bone marrow of one the women as a a source for creating synthesized sperm.
OB/GYN Doctor: "I hate to break it to you sir, but well the baby ain't yours, some woman totally boned your girl. . . She's your Baby's Momma's Baby Daddy"
by RifRaf February 25, 2008
v. tr.
"You got boned!" It's like you got served or you got owned, and usually accompanied by a hand gesture where you jerk the "thumbs up" gesture quickly upwards and slap down on your right bicep with your left hand, mimicking a "boning" motion.
"You just got boned, dude!" (plus "boning" hand gesture")
by Schnei October 15, 2005
To have have intercourse with a woman
Shiiit... I boned La'Quita last week!
by guidokj November 14, 2003
Fucked that person already.
I already boned that dumb Bitch!
Let's get boned!
by Wiggstress October 19, 2002

Like when your mom finds a J and a lighter next to your bed.
ME: Shit dude, my mom found my stash!
HIM: Oh motherfucker your BONED!
by Anonymous May 30, 2003

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