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1) to fuck
2) to tweak a grab in snowboarding, so your body is fully extended.
i boned my gf six times last night

i stuck a sick boned out stalefish yesterday.
by watch out May 19, 2004
53 64
To have f*cked.
"Man, I boned her Saturday. She's great!"
by Harold Wombat November 06, 2003
112 123
Screwed, in trouble, if faced against impossible odds, your 'boned' Not to be confused with boner.
Bender: ( A huge army is approching ) "Me Thinks we be boned"
by Snoodybob October 10, 2009
8 21
1. In trouble
2. Out of luck
3. In a less-than-desirable sexual encounter or situation
4. Having a bull's horn halfway up inside your penetrated calf. And by calf, I mean not his baby, but what is between your foot and knee.
Why did they amputate my leg? Because I was boned. Yea, some bull pierced my leg with his horn. Turns out he had rubbed his horn all over a bunch of cow pies earlier that day. Gave me gangrene.
by Beto el guapo March 28, 2008
11 24
Sacked/Fired. (from their job)
" A termed allegidly used by then Channel 9 Australia CEO Eddie McGuire" Has become part of the language in Australia as a result of this. When somebody gets sacked from their job, people sometimes say "They've been boned"

Australian comedian Billy Birmingham as a reult of this called one of his Albums Boned and used this meaning as the premis of it.
by IanG July 30, 2007
28 41
The act of getting drunk and high simultaneously.

Drunk + Stoned = Boned.
"Dude I got boned so hard last night!"
by thehankinator November 06, 2011
12 26
Verb: to bone, to make a fool of, tackle really or hard or beat up, or to have sex with, it can be a bit of both
I boned their outhalf
Coach: you better bone their winger
Player: you wnat me to fuck their winger?? :O
Coach: no bone him u twat!
by Demonbob1 February 16, 2009
2 16