The act of making sex, having sex, or getting down and dirty.
Yea, we got home last night n' did the bone dance.
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
Top Definition
contrary to the above, the best possible euphemism for sexual intercourse.
So I was in my car, trying to do the bone dance with my special lady friend, and then this other car drove up, so i tried to beat ass out of there, but ran over a fence post.
by brandon hall November 30, 2005
(1) The complex process of subtly engaging in a mating ritual with the object of your desire.

(2) Having wild sex with the object of your desire.
(1) There I was bone dancing at the club with this ho.

(2) Dude, she was naked, wet, and willing; so we did the bone dance until dawn.
by thegeton February 03, 2007
An incredibly lame euphemism for "Doing it". The act of having sex.
I heard the date went well last night. Did you guys do the bone dance?
by John Wayne January 12, 2005
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