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contrary to the above, the best possible euphemism for sexual intercourse.
So I was in my car, trying to do the bone dance with my special lady friend, and then this other car drove up, so i tried to beat ass out of there, but ran over a fence post.
by brandon hall November 30, 2005
30 9
(1) The complex process of subtly engaging in a mating ritual with the object of your desire.

(2) Having wild sex with the object of your desire.
(1) There I was bone dancing at the club with this ho.

(2) Dude, she was naked, wet, and willing; so we did the bone dance until dawn.
by thegeton February 03, 2007
11 4
The act of making sex, having sex, or getting down and dirty.
Yea, we got home last night n' did the bone dance.
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
8 6
An incredibly lame euphemism for "Doing it". The act of having sex.
I heard the date went well last night. Did you guys do the bone dance?
by John Wayne January 12, 2005
16 14