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when you make a girl spread eagle so far that you break her legs's
matt gave dana a shattering bone crusher
by b real October 13, 2005
15 32
1)Slang for a fat, obnoxious, overweight black girl who has to PMS 24/7.
2)Erica C.
3)A ultra 1337 rapper who reps all the 600 pound people out there. He also has enough weight to knock 6 100 pound ppl down with one punch.
1)Ciely needs to shut up and stop acting like a fucking bonecrusher
2)Erica C. is a very fat bitch with a very bad attitude. She needs to grow up and lose weight before she can handle a man.
3)Hey, Bonecrusher, Killer Mike, and the Ying Yang Twins made this tight ass song about the club. Lets all listen.
by ericacantevengetdonkeystorapeher February 28, 2004
45 26
A firearm, usually referring to a handgun.
Stay back man, he's got the bone crusher-
by bypassomega April 09, 2007
27 9
Term used to describe a fat or overweight woman.
Take a look at bone crusher over there!
by Mason April 14, 2003
44 26
a wicked cool rapper.
i aint neva scarred
by Expo May 09, 2003
21 17
when a dope fiend gets a foreign particle in his rig and shoots the load, the result is not pretty -- agonizing pain known as a "bonecrusher"
Muthafucka, you gave me a fuckin bonecrusher with that dirty set
by deckbose December 01, 2011
2 1
a deeply-moving, emotionally soul-baring song which reduces the listener to tears.
the last song on the CD is a real bonecrusher, I cried like a pre-pubescent girl.
by rashy Mc rashy January 28, 2010
4 3
kizzy rapper
never scared
by josh December 08, 2003
14 13