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1. The act of applying Gold Bond powder to the nut sack thereby creating a cooling and refreshing sensation for the boys, the intensity of which determined by the color of the dispensing bottle: gold for gentle cooling; green for a minty fresh sensation; and blue to experience a 1000 little gnomes with icy hands pounding the living daylights out of your boys. 2. Also used as a generic term for the application of any nut powder to refresh the scrotal nether region.
Bond your boys to avoid a nut sack thigh weld and to experience the sensation of a thousand Greek goddesses gently blowing Altoid kisses lightly onto your nads.
by Colorado Beef November 06, 2006
The act of applying a drying substance to the scrotum and taint (grundle) in order to prevent unnecessary moisture.
If you don't bond your boys, you'll get bat wings.
by Chet Boxby November 05, 2006