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a state of well-being, state of plenty - derived after a famous country/western serial in which everything ended joyfully, and the mood was all-happy
oh, you should have come, it was a beach bunny bonanza, bikinis every where you looked. oh boy!
by U8IK January 14, 2007
When you suspect someone lying you yell bonanza, if they say it back they cannot be lying. If you find out they were lying later you get to:
Guy:Punch him in the balls as hard as you want
Girl:Have her lay down, and cunt punt her.
Britney: My vagina is very private.
Aces Hollywood: Britney was partying so hard last night, she stripped infront of toddlers.
Sam: Time for a cunt punt.
by Harryv June 21, 2010
a way to describe anything and everything
Lauren Gregg is a bonanaza
by Lauren February 09, 2005
Satan's Bar Q que Hut A.K.A Hell
by Outlaw February 22, 2003
What one tells people their name is short for if named Bonnie (esp. if you want them to feel like an idiot).
Hey, what is Bonnie short for?

by Vesty April 14, 2009
A place to hangout-date shindig!
"Hey let's go to Bonanza, it's the place to be"!!
by u know just think about it June 17, 2003
A Las vegas high-school
I know a guy that goes to Bonanza
by SlaveGirl October 24, 2004

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