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1. what one becomes after seeing a extremely hot female.
2. dude with visable boner
*that bitch has me all bonafied*
by dizave June 28, 2005
34 155
like none other, not copied
50 cent - im a bonafied hustla
by RK July 28, 2004
257 96
a misspelling of bona fide.
JSYK, it's "bona fide", not "bonafied".
by kadatz May 19, 2010
48 25
To like or to be very excited over something or someone as if you had a boner.
Man, Percy so bonafied for Dawn of the Dead I swear he wants that to be his theme on myspace.

"What do you think about the new waiteress?" "Oh man, I'm so bonafied for her"
by juanpablo October 12, 2005
21 146