A ghetto name, used to describe a lazy worker at King Burger, mainly the show MADDTV.
Also used to descibe a wangster or wigger.
Bonquiqui, you cannot call security everyt ime someone has a complicated order.
by the bonquiqui girls May 31, 2009
Top Definition
a person (often female) who is white, but acts incredibly ghetto.
woa, don't go gettin all bon qui qui on me!
by Philly Bo Billy April 24, 2008
a ghetto chick who works at king burger through the "out of the hood" program. shes pretty much a skinny white lady on meth who thinks shes black.
bon qui qui: dont interupt! RUDE!

bon qui qui: oh i will CUT you!! security! se-curity!
by bonquiquirox January 03, 2009
a white lady who works at king burger who thinks she's ghetto
a bon qui qui says things like:

"girl i will CUT you"

"don't interrupt, RUDE"

"security, se-curity"

"welcome to king burger, where you can have it your way, but don't get crazy"
by fap=fabulous_and_pretty May 24, 2009
A hoe who has an elderly fetish
Bonquiqui stank like fish dude
by Ratchetbabymamashaniquiqui March 30, 2015
A black ghetto girl, who owns every bitch on the block.

A Black girl, who has three bitches, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and katy perry

A black ghetto girl who fucks every thing that moves,

Aslo means something that is very hairy and has lots of bows

Bon'Qui'Qui can also mean a moldy piece of cheese that has been sitting on the bathroom floor for 2 years
"That Bon'Qui'Qui is such a bitch"

"I so want to be a Black Ghetto Girl (Bon'Qui'Qui)

"Omg! My minge is so Bon'Qui'Qui"

"Miley Cyrus is Bon'Qui'Qui's bitch"

"My Hair has lots on Bon'Qui'Qui's in it"

"Errr theres a Bon'Qui'Qui in our bathroom"
by Black ghetto girl April 06, 2009
literally translated from french to mean "good who who," it can be used for talking on the sly about someone who has a good hoo-hoo, since people will think you're talking about the madtv character and not someone else.

it can also be used to describe a girl who's a good lay but is overly ghetto and/or white trash.
"i banged that chick last night...she was a bon qui qui."

"that girl is disgusting...what a wanna-be."
"yeah, but she's a bon qui qui. we did it eight times last night."
by foxey_lady74 April 22, 2010
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