Can refer to any of several types of sweets, especially small candies enrobed in chocolate.
The first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 31, 2011
candy, expensive candy, the idea of expensive candy eaten by those who live in the lap of luxury
I'm not sitting here all day watching soap operas and eating bonbons, you know.
by robotmadder January 09, 2007
Candy (french), though used in North America as a slight on someone's junk eating habits
She gets so fat doing nothing but popping bon bons in front of the tele at night.
by ImperialZenta June 13, 2006
A general reference to the chocolates eaten by housewives while watching soap-operas instead of performing their "given" tasks of taking care of the house.
The only way Martha managed to maintain her sanity was by continuing her tradition of watching "Days of Our Lives" and eating bon-bons while nervously wondering if Lucky would die from his fall down the elevator shaft.
by damsonrhee June 08, 2006
A more politically-correct word used in place of "ass."
"I wanna be your lover, your only latin lover.
We'll go around the world in a day.
Don't say no, no.
Shake it my way, oh shake your bon-bon,
shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon." -Ricky Martin

"Damn yo, check out the soft bouncy bon-bon on that bitch."

"Hey you, if you fuck with those Crips over there, you're gonna get your bon-bon kicked like there's no tomorrow!"

"Word of advice to anyone getting arrested and sent up north: If you want to keep your bon-bon-hole from getting dilated to when it's twice the normal diameter, then don't drop the soap!"

"As all of you should well know, the Bush Administration are nothing but a bunch of bon-bon-holes."

"Nowadays, many P2P users are using methods to protect themselves and the file-sharing trend from the Recording Industry Bon-bon-sociation of America."

Mark H. Since February 2004.
by Mark H January 19, 2005
A loser usually very dorky. Refers to girls or boys
Brainless or dumb
Calm down bonbon

or that girl is a bonbon
by lirgohoe July 16, 2014
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