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n. a girl with really nice, big tits but the rest of her body is a mess. Similar to the butter face
look at the tits on that broad." "Yeah, but those are bombs over baghdad."
by itgods November 23, 2010
another term for teabag
Bill dropped bombs over baghdad on Monica's face
by Hmmmm April 17, 2005
1. The act of smoking discarded ash from a bowl in the hopes that it will yield, at least, a partial high.

2. Making a fat dime out of dusty coals.

3. Bombs over Baghdad.
I'm out of pot, guess it's time for Bombs Over Baghdad.
by kr4ft January 28, 2011
When your 69ing a middle eastern woman on top and proceed to defecate on her Burkha and then yell bombs away
James was 69ing with me last night and then he yelled bombs over Baghdad. Now I need to clean the shit of my burkha
by Charles mojcik June 03, 2014
The act of layin' some lovin on a fine lady.
Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang. Don't even bang, unless you plan to hit somethang.
by matt February 09, 2004