When your huge-breasted girlfriend pulls her tits up over her shoulders, you put your face under them, look up and yell, "Bombs Away!"

The nicest red face you ever got!
Betty pulled her 40 double d's up over her shoulders . . . when I yelled, "Bombs Away" she let them fall . . . Whop! Whop! Hurts so good . . .
by jarujammer November 11, 2009
Top Definition
An announcement by the bombadier, usually over the public address system or intercom of an airplane, informing the captain and crew of the aircraft that the bombs/ordnance have been released and are no longer on the aircraft.
Bombadier: Bombs away!
Pilot: Good job. Let's GTFO
by bukbukbagok February 04, 2015
the feeling experienced when that little turd finally drops. Often accompanied by the exclamation "bombs away!"
I really wasn't sure if i had anything left but i kind of rocked back and forth a little and...'bombs away'!
by battlestar March 08, 2005
A happy exclamation announcing the consumption of mdma in a bomb / parachute form (rolled up in a rizla)
At a rave... the group all have their mdma bombs and happily exclaim - "Bombs away!!!!!" and then take the mdma, partying the night away.
by z4rk December 12, 2013
a healthy pair of bosoms
me: (looking at stinks mcgee's funbags) boom! bombs away homey
by Cravedaven December 29, 2005
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