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Bombiss is an exclamation used to interrupt people.

It can also mean that something is good if it is prefixed by another word such as Chubby, Shookie or Sujey.

If an a is added to the end i.e. Bombissa, this can mean that something is bad.

If Bombiss is said in a musical pattern it can also mean to beatbox.

Bombiss can also be used to accompany any simple action, such as throwing a ball or punching someone.
Person 1: The other day I went ov...
Person 2: BOMBISS!

Mate that girl is Chubby Bombiss.
Ohhh that idea is Sujey Bombiss.
Lets go to the pub...Shookie Bombiss.

Do you want to go for a walk.
Err Bombissa.

Oh Dave, do some bom ba bissa bom bom ba bissa.

*throws ball* Bombiss *catches ball* *throws ball* Bombiss.
Mate this kid started on me so I gave him Bombiss.
by Dave Bombiss October 10, 2007
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