to be stoned off marijuana
"Robert and I got so bombed last night"
by rena May 06, 2005
To rabidly mutilate a washroom facility with ones larger then life excretions
Ohh damn, i just dropped a Carl that totally bombed that shitter

My ass was so sore after i bombed that can, it felt like my ass belonged to a 7'5 Black man with a 10 inch dick...around
by Hokai April 28, 2005
to take something out of existence
We bombed Osama's group.
by Osama yo Mama January 13, 2003
To drink an excessive amount of alcohol and then to have sex with someone in the same evening.
"Man, I got bombed last night."
by Berecca May 08, 2005
i just bombed out out in the shitter
by gyds October 29, 2003
Afflicted with severe acne.
Dude... did you see that computer geek today? He was so bombed!!
by Speebs September 15, 2003
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