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adj: Awesome, cool, bomb, killer, sweet

Used much like using the word "bomb" but when needing just a little extra kick, or a little extra silly effect.
Seeing that chick's tits last night was bombdonkey.

Yo, that 360 flip to nose blunt slide was bombdonkey!
by ut ghetto linguist August 17, 2004
right on, sweet, that's cool, word, fuggin-a
joe: "Dude, that HOT chick just invited me back to her place."
bro: "Bomb Donkey!"

joe: "I just got a huge raise!!!"
bro: "Bomb Donkey!"

joe: "I just bought a tux at the thrift store for $5 and there was $7 in one of the pockets!!!"
bro: "Bomb DONKEY!!"
by docta rock da gong August 17, 2004
kick ass gnarly tits, anything that kicks major ba donka donk.
"you that over dere that shit is crazy whack bomb donkey!" --pointing to girl undressing.
by C Dolla August 27, 2004