A amazing British Indie band from Crouch End made up of four amazing guys called Jack, Suren, Jamie and Ed.

They are literally the only band that I can describe as 'beautiful'. Their album 'Flaws' is absolutely breath-taking and their first album 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose' is equally as epic.

If you havent heard of them, give them a listen; they are beautiful <3
You haven't heard of Bombay Bicycle Club? For serious, look them uppp and listen!!
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by Saywhaaattt?(; July 17, 2011
Top Definition
British indie rock band who are somewhat new. They're amazing and resemble other British bands, such as The Holloways, very closely.
Bombay bicycle club, fresh new indie music! What could be better...
#bombay bicycle club #bbc #indie #british rock #indie rock #brit #british men #united kingdom #music
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
A british "indie rock" band, who sound like every other "indie rock" band. they have released various songs, but so far only one has been found. the "song" is around 55 minutes long, includes many pauses, and clean guitars with tons on reverb. it also includes the staple mark of an indie band: droning, atonal singing which sounds more like someone talking in a cockney accent rather than producing melodies, or even using more than one or two notes in their vocal range.
person 1: "have you heard bombay bicycle club?"

person 2: "no"

person 1: "have you heard any indie rock?"

person 2: "yes"

person 1: "then you've heard these guys..."
#indie #rock #trash #oxymoron #what #is #this #rubbish
by McBobbyBrown May 02, 2010
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