Another word for punches.
He got hit with so many bombs he went down instantly.
by ArchStanton September 20, 2005
A derogative acronym that stands for "Bald Old Man, Bitch"
Person: Man, that dude over there is a total B.O.M.B.
Person #2: Ew, I know... he's all bald and shit.
#bald #old #man #bitch #acronym
by JIF11 April 23, 2008
Jenna Scullys boobies
Holy crap Jenna Scully has bombs!
by Buxton April 06, 2004
when u take a shit on a girl aneywere.
Dude at jim's party i droped bombs on some chick.
#smelley #great #brown.juicey #delicous #fun
by jodey no December 18, 2006
opposite of a pinner, in the marijuana terms. A fat junt.
I used to smoke pinners while my momz made dinner, now i smoke bombs and rock with lynyrd skynard. - kid rock - Quite like me.
by Zeke December 02, 2003
When Your The Shit And You're Your Own Boss/ You Slay Most Of These Bitches
OMG I'm Bomb Asf I Totally Slayed These Bitches
by Layshaun December 20, 2015
1.) a container filled with explosive, incendiary material, smoke, gas, or other destructive substance, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a time mechanism, remote-control device, or lit fuse.

2.) a clock in Texas
A: Hey, what do you think is in that brownbag under that bench?
B: Hmm... A Bomb?

A: Howdy y'all, it's 4:20!
B: No, it's 3:20. Learn to read a bomb, dumbass.
via giphy
by Shinnyboo October 30, 2015
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