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used to refer to marijuana of the utmost quality.
"Yo, you got those bombs?"
"You holding on to those bombies?"
by tHegeRm May 18, 2008
6 20
bomb is said when you think someone or something could blow up. a fucking piece of shit house or a faggot of a guy is a bomb. also a car that isn't one color or is just plain a piece of shit
That guy won't quit fucking talking to me,he's a bomb if i've ever seen one
by carebear April 12, 2005
2 17
Used in a Ludacris song called "Southern Hospitality" this word was used to describe his obvious rectal problems. Used best in a sentence after you just clogged a toilet.
Dizzle #1: OOOOH, I just dropped me some bombs on 'em.
Dizzle #2: Fo' schizzle, you need to buy some laxatives.
by BJman Hobbs April 30, 2004
18 34
Amount of kills you get in a counter-strike scrim or match
I dropped 20 bombs on those bitch azz wiggatz last night during week 7 cal-Open match
by BombDroppaAjak December 13, 2004
6 23
A very large explotion.
by Torey November 06, 2003
3 20
Another word for punches.
He got hit with so many bombs he went down instantly.
by ArchStanton September 20, 2005
10 28
A derogative acronym that stands for "Bald Old Man, Bitch"
Person: Man, that dude over there is a total B.O.M.B.
Person #2: Ew, I know... he's all bald and shit.
by JIF11 April 23, 2008
3 22