used to refer to marijuana of the utmost quality.
"Yo, you got those bombs?"
"You holding on to those bombies?"
by tHegeRm May 18, 2008
bomb is said when you think someone or something could blow up. a fucking piece of shit house or a faggot of a guy is a bomb. also a car that isn't one color or is just plain a piece of shit
That guy won't quit fucking talking to me,he's a bomb if i've ever seen one
by carebear April 12, 2005
Used in a Ludacris song called "Southern Hospitality" this word was used to describe his obvious rectal problems. Used best in a sentence after you just clogged a toilet.
Dizzle #1: OOOOH, I just dropped me some bombs on 'em.
Dizzle #2: Fo' schizzle, you need to buy some laxatives.
by BJman Hobbs April 30, 2004
Amount of kills you get in a counter-strike scrim or match
I dropped 20 bombs on those bitch azz wiggatz last night during week 7 cal-Open match
by BombDroppaAjak December 13, 2004
A very large explotion.
by Torey November 06, 2003
Another word for punches.
He got hit with so many bombs he went down instantly.
by ArchStanton September 20, 2005
A derogative acronym that stands for "Bald Old Man, Bitch"
Person: Man, that dude over there is a total B.O.M.B.
Person #2: Ew, I know... he's all bald and shit.
by JIF11 April 23, 2008

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