Pot seeds left in the bowl or joint that explode upon being heated and leave a terrible taste for every one in rotation
"Nice bomb, whoever broke this up my mouth now tastes like ass"
by kaTo19percent October 06, 2008
see - bollocks

one person starts the game by quietly whispering 'bomb', it is then taken in turns to increase the loudness in which you shout out 'bomb' until there is only one person left.
Person 1 - *whispers* bomb
person 2 - *shouts* BOMB!
Person 1 - LOLz im not playing anymore

person 2 wins.
by SuckinDiesel October 30, 2007
n. An old car, or one in especially poor condition. Very widely used in Australia and commonly associated with Geminis, Toranas, Commodores, Falcons, Valiants and Kingswoods.
"Better move the ol' bomb off the front lawn before Mum gets home."
"That's not a bomb, young man, that Torana is a Classic."
by Fenn July 11, 2006
Something the U.S. loves to drop on innocent countries.
I hate bombing children.
by Angus the Superduck August 23, 2005
1. n. an explosive devide
2. n. cool or awesome, (the bomb)
3. v. to smoke weed, get stoned
1. We have bombs
2. That shit's the bomb!
3. Yo wanna bomb?
by Lila January 11, 2004
Sarcastic description of teachers who are inflexible in their use of urban vocabulary in the classroom setting. Certain teacher believe that using urban terms will prove harmful to their students and therefore frown upon its use.
"What, you got no flava? Oh, u da bomb. Sike!"
by Mistah Cizzy Jizzy October 17, 2003
A guy who will hook up with the 'ugly friend' of a girl his buddy is hitting on, so that the buddy can get some. Also known as a wingman.
"Dude, that girl you're with is so hot - who took the bomb for you?"
"Dave did. I owe him big time."
by treesa May 18, 2005
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