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1. n. an explosive devide
2. n. cool or awesome, (the bomb)
3. v. to smoke weed, get stoned
1. We have bombs
2. That shit's the bomb!
3. Yo wanna bomb?
by Lila January 11, 2004
9 13
Sarcastic description of teachers who are inflexible in their use of urban vocabulary in the classroom setting. Certain teacher believe that using urban terms will prove harmful to their students and therefore frown upon its use.
"What, you got no flava? Oh, u da bomb. Sike!"
by Mistah Cizzy Jizzy October 17, 2003
2 6
A guy who will hook up with the 'ugly friend' of a girl his buddy is hitting on, so that the buddy can get some. Also known as a wingman.
"Dude, that girl you're with is so hot - who took the bomb for you?"
"Dave did. I owe him big time."
by treesa May 18, 2005
2 7
The best sex you've ever had thus far. No one can top the sex you have with this person.
You're my bomb
I'm going to get some bomb
by bombbee June 19, 2011
3 10
Insult, kill.
I'm a bomb first.

Cos I done been bombed on before and I'ma tell you, man, that's the worst.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
2 10
bomb-ing: a.)mainly when a penis enters a vagina, and eventually explodes sperm.


bomb:a penis.
1. let's bomb! :D

2. his "bomb" was pretty impressive.
by aasdfghjkl;'<3 July 21, 2008
5 16
ecstacy. best drug out there. it will be the best 3 hours of youre life. it isnt unusual for bombs to be laced with other drugs,such as meth crack and/or heroin.
im gettin mad bombs after school then rollin tonight
by piff129 October 18, 2007
24 36