noun, a car with specific characteristics, usually an older model muscle car or large style of car with a large engine which is generally visually deteriorated. Most often the car will have a lot of engine noise, whether from a bad exhaust system or badly tuned engine. Think really obnoxious car. It may explode at any minute, it's so obnoxious.
Man, that car is a bomb." Upon hearing or seeing a car come down the street "Look at that bomb
by Sleestakpylon August 07, 2010
Bitter Old Man-Bitch
There are too many angry and hateful-looking old men walking the streets and/or being bosses in companies. Don't we all know a "bomb" - bitter old man-bitch?
by revdrrenee July 06, 2010
Derived from stress-bombing, and fume-bombing, to bomb is a verb in which the person in question is in a severely bad mood; i.e. "I bombed yesterday 'cause I hate life" or "If I don't get my Muse tickets I'll bomb - then I'll cry" Variations include the aforementioned stress and fume bombing, to be used if said person is under extreme amounts of pressure or is just really moody.
I'm in such a bomb mood guys, it's ridiculous; my mum didn't put enough cheese in my Alphabetti and Sophie is acting like a retard.
by futuremarkets June 07, 2009
A girl who is unbelievably gorgeous. A synonym for sexy.
Stacy looks so bomb today.
by Monsieur Blanc1 April 04, 2009
(verb) The act of riding down a hill as fast as possible. A term often used by skateboarders.

Hey, let's all go bomb that hill.
by Berdoon February 07, 2009
word describing something cool or awesome.
That shirt is Bomb to the max. Lets do something bomb!
by C_way March 13, 2008
A word that pisses people off if you use it in airports.
Johnny, and his friends at the airport: "OMG, BOMB!!"

airport security: GET HIM!!
by DagothUrWelcomesYou March 06, 2008

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