10 packets of sniffable heroin.
Dude if we could just find 10 more bucks we could split a bomb!
by djunky4203 August 29, 2005
To quickly become violent with someone.
That dude looked at my girlfriend,I straight up bombed on his bitch ass.
by Kickstand March 27, 2005
feces, crap, poop
I gotta drop the bomb.
by Norm January 30, 2004
The 2003 movie 'Gigli', starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
That movie 'Gigli'ed so bad, it actually created a physical crater.
by AllStar August 14, 2003
Cool, awesome, good, amazing, it describes anything that is amazing
That cake was too bomb!
by Swaggie0101 February 19, 2014
It means "awesome," "dope," or otherwise excellent. Common to USA's Pacific Northwest.
"Did you hear that new song by Beyonce? It's bomb!"

"I just bought some bomb-ass weed, man. I got so high after just one hit!"
by the_newcomer_to_westcoast February 17, 2014
Another word for pretty, good-looking, beautiful or fly or gorgeous
ooh, he's one bomb guy!
by katbarbiebee September 29, 2010

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