senseless sythesizer noise and yelling thats awesome anyways.
based off songs from the band Bomb the music industry!
Congradulations, John, On Joining Every Time I Die is such a bomb song.
by Lio Jua March 26, 2009
is a mixture of lunch room food that u throw on a nerd
let bomb Adam today guys...........
by g-rat36360 May 16, 2008
Mom of a person with speech impediment.
"I'm gonna ask my bomb..."
by MarkWG August 12, 2007
Noun. & Verb. In graffiti terminology it usually refers to using a spray can and doing a throw-up that takes less than 10 minutes. Usually a graffiti artist will go "bombing" and do many bombs in one night.
Hey man did you see my bomb on the rooftop from last night?
Hey guys I'm gonna go bomb some trains, catch you later.
by SpoR June 25, 2007
a mechanism which usually contains explosives and will explode when the detonator is set off. The detonator can be set off by various methods including.

1.pressure (when the bomb hits the ground).
2. Timer (When the clock reaches zero an electrical impulse sets off the bomb.
3. Radio. (when the right signal is received by the bomb it does the same as the timer.

The bomb was first invented by the British who used it in WW1 dropping small bombs by hand over enemy trenches.

The bomb was invented with the best intentions of killing and maiming people by tearing them apart with great force however due to the advances of Science we now can put in different wonderfull things like Anthrax, cyanide and Plutonium.

With these little helpers we now have the ability to deliver the most deadly chemical on earth which only takes 1 millionth of a gram to kill you all over world.

The current holders of this weapon have hundreds of kg of it

China, USA, Russia and Great Britain currently have the ability to wipe out the worlds population with a mear 60g of the stuff.
plane flys over Hiroshima and drops a bomb

Hiroshima dissapears in a fluffy mushroom cloud and remains uninhabitable for many years.
by Jubbles January 07, 2007
girl that is some bomb ass pussy (from holidae inn, snoop sayz it)
by wannabeaballa??? February 01, 2006
A method by which one hit's water from a great height, usually at a swimming pool suitably equipped with a 5 metre (or greater) diving board.


Ascend the dizzying heights of the highest board you find at your local - on indeed, not local - swimming baths. Await the passing-by on the pool side of a life-guard/pregnant woman/hot totty/poof and then leap, feet first into mid air. Pull your knees to your chest and hit the water, arse first, angling slightly to ensure the greatest tsanami-like splash covers abovementioned recipient from head to toe in chlorine rich H2O.

Best accomplished by extremely overweight males who think it all a complete hoot.

Await expletive and expulsion from said swimming baths.
Diver 1: "Look! There's that gayboy lifeguard! Bomb him!"


Diver 2: "YAAAAaaaaaaa!!!!"


Lifeguard: "Leave the pool now you wittle wapthcallion you!"
by Flatster November 09, 2005

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