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Noun. A 'bomb' is used to describe a drug (typically ecstasy pills or MDMA), which has been ground up and wrapped in a cigarette paper or other suitable 'wrap' for oral consumption.
"Who's having a line?"
"Not me, snorting hurts my nose - i'll have a bomb."
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
104 48
1. the greatest, cool, awesome, spectacular, etc.
usually is used with the word "the"
(see "the shit")

2. with 'ed' as a suffix, is used to describe a failure, or other similar situation.

3. to ski down a straight line, without properly moving 'side to side' in which is said that is proper skiing down a hill.
1. dude, that movie was the bomb!

2. ugh, i think i bombed that test -_-

3. Bob: Can you teach me how to ski?
Bill: nah sorry i just bomb it.
by KATIE! :) March 26, 2008
5 1
Graffiti slang to get up hard and fast in a whole bunch of spots that are highly visible to the public. Usually bombing consists of fucking up a whole area in a matter of minutes.
We bombed that rooftop yesterday - me and my boy put up like 8 throwies and 1 huge piece on the billboard!
by WICS2 November 29, 2007
7 3
1) A weapon usually used by terrorists. It's a very powerful weapon, and is exactly like a grenade.

2) To fail.

3) Slang word for best. Usually called "the bomb"
1) Bat bomb
Bomb disposal
Bomb threat
Car bomb
Chlorine bomb
Cluster bomb
Collateral damage
Dirty bomb
Dry Ice Bomb
Earthquake bomb
Electromagnetic bomb
General purpose bomb
Gravity bomb
Hand grenade
Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
Nail bomb
Napalm bomb
Neutron bomb
Nuclear bomb
Pipe bomb
Plastic explosive
Salted bomb
Shaped charge
Strategic Bombing
Suicide bomber
Time bomb

2) He bombed that test.

3) Everyone thought the music was the bomb.
by EugeneY. November 12, 2007
9 5
Something someone had set us up.

-What you say?
by DreadSmile April 15, 2006
17 13
In the caribbean, to 'make bomb' is to have sex.
All de time her mother think she at school, she dere making bomb wii!
by Xenita July 18, 2005
10 6
originally submitted by "Shmeckster" but some ass clown deleted it:

A term used when you see some dirty bitch that you want to fantasize about later that night when you are doing the five knuckle chuckle. In other words you are going to put her in the Beat Off Memory Bank B.O.M.B.
Dude 1: See that hotty over there?
Dude 2: What a piece of ass, can you imaging banging her?
Dude 1: I'll be getting her later tonight, cause I just threw her in the B.O.M.B.
by Shmeckster October 12, 2004
28 24
A lowrider vehicle generally using an older car from around the '30s - 40's. (As opposed to a truka, traditional or Euro type of lowrider.)
That ('32 Chevy) is a bomb!
by lowrider dave June 30, 2004
10 6