Noun. A 'bomb' is used to describe a drug (typically ecstasy pills or MDMA), which has been ground up and wrapped in a cigarette paper or other suitable 'wrap' for oral consumption.
"Who's having a line?"
"Not me, snorting hurts my nose - i'll have a bomb."
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
a device that goes "BANG" very loudly, and creates a fireball/mushroom cloud/flying shrapnel/shockwave that is potentially hazardous to your health
that bomb leveled that whole fucking city
by pyro boy April 13, 2004
really good crystal. Not to be confused with bomb shit which can also be weed.
Richie, don't ask for bomb unless you want it. I can get you some bomb shit... but you are NOT SMOKING BOMB!
by Forkie December 08, 2003
Providing knowledge, fire, wrap......Providing oral pleasure
Dude!! David Lesevoyprovided that bomb for me last night...He made the A-bomb look like a sunflower seed compared to his bomb giving abilities
by David Gives some June 18, 2003
crystal meth
lets smoke some bomb!
by JEROSSD January 29, 2009
board outta mi brains (bomb)something that happens when you spend long periods of time sitting and doing nothing, then you tend to eat.. this could also be the cause of a long test/lecture/holiday/work ect.
"omg i am so bomb" "i do not want to get bomb in this history test"
by Madi Baldwin April 12, 2008
(a) Meaning awesome, swell, great, good

(b) to be good at something (bomb child)

(a) OH! That move was bomb!

(b) Look at her run, she's so bomb child!
by Rosie and Georgie January 02, 2008
a spherical wrap of paper (with a 'stem') around something to be smoked (such as tobacco or marijuana)
usually used in a pipe simply to avoid relighting

also known as:
I'm ready to bomb a bong, BIATCH.
Dude, we bombin' some shit tonight?
by wesdominates October 23, 2007

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