Noun. A 'bomb' is used to describe a drug (typically ecstasy pills or MDMA), which has been ground up and wrapped in a cigarette paper or other suitable 'wrap' for oral consumption.
"Who's having a line?"
"Not me, snorting hurts my nose - i'll have a bomb."
by Eradeziel March 02, 2006
To speed dangerously fast in a vehicle. Used often in suburban road rats dialect.
"I bombed down the highway at a buck '05 after taking three shots of Jack Daniels."
by CJ February 29, 2004
Marijuana that is killer.
"If I bring the bomb and you bring the vegas, then we can get high like so true playas." - Song: Bring the Bomb Artist - Marvaless
by Jok3r February 20, 2004
Multicolored tag in large bubble letters
That crew tagged a phat bomb on dat wall!
by GOOFY February 19, 2003
VERB: inspired by the word 'stressbomb', 'bomb' can be used to describe somebody who is stressed, annoyed, or just plain grumpy.

That Kathryn is so bomb today.
by thatonepopgem February 28, 2009
Somthing really cool or sweet. Somthing good.
Dude, so i just feel bomb right now.
This is just bomb my parents are going out of town.
So i just got a new car it's just bomb.
Bomb dude.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
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