cool, awesome. Also see shit
man, thats the bomb. or dude, that da bomb
by pea December 12, 2002
Balling on mom's budget.
That 32 year old dude is B.o.m.b.
by Slamo81 December 06, 2013
is used to describe a pound sterling but can be used to describe any tender no matter where its from.
friend 1 'oi mate wanna go out tonight and pull some clunge'

friend 2 'nah mate iv only got 10 bomb in the bank'

friend 1 'you bloody pikey'
by @('.')@ April 06, 2010
"Bitch on my Back"
said by a male:1. A girlfriends best friend who prevents any chance of flirting, intimate moments, or ass getting.

said by a female:2. a Twat swatter.
Zach: "so CJ did you get any from Brooke last night?"

CJ:"hell no that Bitch Kenzie preventing me from even gettin close to brooke."

Zach:" ah man what a fuckin B.O.M.B."
by ZACH & CJ August 10, 2009
large explosive
Atom Bomb
by Braddon July 18, 2008
1. Some object or incident that amazed you and other people. that will forever go down in history.

2. Some object or incident that completly sucks. and you are amazed that you even did it.
1. Frankie: Hey Ashley, did you see that movie that just came out?
Ashley: No, not yet. Was it good?
Frankie: Yeah! It was BOMB!

2. Oh my god man i totally bombed that test! i cant believe it!

by Rian Clark July 10, 2008
a device that creat an impact/pressure by using a reaction of chemical/gas/other explosive.
an small explosive device:
a granade (M203), satchel or C4.
an medium explosive device:
a tactical nuclear warhead
an large explosive device:
a strategy nuclear warhead
by MrFront March 04, 2005
1. Slang for marijuana, sometimes misinterpreted as the word 'bong'

2. Common adjective for marijuana.
"Yo, I'm about to blaze with this bomb I got.

When did you get a new bong?

No, not BON-G—BOM-B"

"Dis some bomb ass weed for sure"
by T Hizzle February 21, 2005

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