cool, awesome. Also see shit
man, thats the bomb. or dude, that da bomb
by pea December 12, 2002
1.)To drop a real big dookie.
2.)An explosive creation.
3.)To fail miserably at.
4.)Something really good or cool.
5.)To attack from high up.
1.) "Ooo...I feel ten pounds lighter after dropping that bomb"

2.) I used my bomb to blow up Mr. Laden's cave.

3.) "Man, you really bombed that play!" . . . "But dad I'm only in second grade" . . . "Shut up, son!"

4.) Man I'm so cool, I'm so bomb.

5.) I'm gonna bomb you from my fighter plane, woman.
by Jedi Mind Tricks October 10, 2006
A word, when said in an airport draws increased security attention.
When my friend told the baggage screener that her new computer was the bomb, she was thoroughly searched.
by WaterBoy May 04, 2005
Acronym: Beat Off Memory Bank

A list of people(etc.) to be called upon in times of need when other aides are not accessible at that time, or just because of personal preference.

B.O.M.B.s tend to vary in length depending upon the person. Written records are usually uncommon as the safest and least vulnerable containment of B.O.M.B.s are in the recesses of the brain.
Joe: Man, that girl Ashley is really hot...
Jon: Yeah, she's in my B.O.M.B.

Joe: Watch some mad porn last night?
Jon: Nah man, just used my B.O.M.B.
by HavokBag July 09, 2009
1. slang term for a dame, a dish, a sexy chick, a foxy lady.

2. a dud. A total waste, a failure, a flop.
1. Roger: you got me requisitioned, blondie. She's just a girl.

Pete: She's a bomb!

Roger: I'm happy!

Pete: She's a bomb!

Roger: I'm ecstatic!

Pete: She's a bomb!

2. After we kissed and made up after resolving an argument, my girlfriend treated me out to a showing of the movie "Sibling Rivalry" at the Studio 35 cinema. The best I can say about that is that I didn't waste any dough, because that flick is so godawful it's a totally depressing bomb. I hated every minute of it.
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
A considerably large pinch of dip. (smokeless chewing tobacco)
Me and the boys pack bombs. we go through a tin and a half a day!
by cory22 January 10, 2007
Something someone had set us up.

-What you say?
by DreadSmile April 15, 2006
originally submitted by "Shmeckster" but some ass clown deleted it:

A term used when you see some dirty bitch that you want to fantasize about later that night when you are doing the five knuckle chuckle. In other words you are going to put her in the Beat Off Memory Bank B.O.M.B.
Dude 1: See that hotty over there?
Dude 2: What a piece of ass, can you imaging banging her?
Dude 1: I'll be getting her later tonight, cause I just threw her in the B.O.M.B.
by Shmeckster October 12, 2004

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