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cool, awesome. Also see shit
man, thats the bomb. or dude, that da bomb
by pea December 12, 2002
345 218
Multicolored tag in large bubble letters
That crew tagged a phat bomb on dat wall!
by GOOFY February 19, 2003
8 9
VERB: inspired by the word 'stressbomb', 'bomb' can be used to describe somebody who is stressed, annoyed, or just plain grumpy.

That Kathryn is so bomb today.
by thatonepopgem February 28, 2009
0 2
meaning VERY cool or good, another meaning is a tag in tucson
man that shit is BOMB
by ruben roberts June 15, 2007
1 3
Somthing really cool or sweet. Somthing good.
Dude, so i just feel bomb right now.
This is just bomb my parents are going out of town.
So i just got a new car it's just bomb.
Bomb dude.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
0 2
another word for fine.
damn..... that boy was hella bomb.
by tha 1fe February 19, 2006
4 6
a device that goes "BANG" very loudly, and creates a fireball/mushroom cloud/flying shrapnel/shockwave that is potentially hazardous to your health
that bomb leveled that whole fucking city
by pyro boy April 13, 2004
8 10
really good crystal. Not to be confused with bomb shit which can also be weed.
Richie, don't ask for bomb unless you want it. I can get you some bomb shit... but you are NOT SMOKING BOMB!
by Forkie December 08, 2003
0 2