verb, to go down a hill fast on a skateboard
Let's go bomb that hill.
by Mad Dog Mari May 21, 2005
Meaning to graffiti something.
"I bombed the bumper of that BMW a week ago"
by Kitten420 June 22, 2005
A horribly offensive bowel movement.
Dude, I dropped a bomb in your bathroom that could melt steel.
by Webster April 18, 2004
A very attractive woman who is independent and noticeably muscular. At any given moment she will not hesitate to defend herself physically (or mentally). Her capabilities have the power to protect her while breaking you or whoever is testing her. She isn't a people pleaser or a pushover. Either respect the bomb or you'll fear her.
CJ: Damn, that girls a bomb.

Shane: Don't try anything stupid around her or she'll explode.
by Blacksmith Jones May 19, 2013
To totally fuck up something that is really important, such as a test. It is a common practice to laugh it up with somebody else who also bombed.
John: What did you think of that biology test?
Gerald: I totally fucking bombed it.
John: Really? Me too! *High fives*
by Royal Fuck Up September 15, 2011
Bomb is a verb or a noun. Not an adjective. The word Bomb should never be used to describe an objects appeal.
Correct: Our squad just bombed Iraq.

Correct: That car was made into a bomb.

Incorrect: That girl is so bomb.

Incorrect: That burrito is bomb.
by KingOfTheWords February 15, 2010
somethinq that is dope the shit really hot or supah cute.
omg! that shirt is bomb I'm qoinq to buy it.
by MissAirdnolaj July 13, 2009

To use a very large excess of a reagent.
"Man, my reduction isn't working!"

"Just bomb it with LAH."
by really cool chemist April 06, 2009

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