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verb, to go down a hill fast on a skateboard
Let's go bomb that hill.
by Mad Dog Mari May 21, 2005
A word, when said in an airport draws increased security attention.
When my friend told the baggage screener that her new computer was the bomb, she was thoroughly searched.
by WaterBoy May 04, 2005
I dropped a fukin' bomb in the toilet and that shit is nasty!
by Oprah February 21, 2003
Acronym: Beat Off Memory Bank

A list of people(etc.) to be called upon in times of need when other aides are not accessible at that time, or just because of personal preference.

B.O.M.B.s tend to vary in length depending upon the person. Written records are usually uncommon as the safest and least vulnerable containment of B.O.M.B.s are in the recesses of the brain.
Joe: Man, that girl Ashley is really hot...
Jon: Yeah, she's in my B.O.M.B.

Joe: Watch some mad porn last night?
Jon: Nah man, just used my B.O.M.B.
by HavokBag July 09, 2009
1. slang term for a dame, a dish, a sexy chick, a foxy lady.

2. a dud. A total waste, a failure, a flop.
1. Roger: you got me requisitioned, blondie. She's just a girl.

Pete: She's a bomb!

Roger: I'm happy!

Pete: She's a bomb!

Roger: I'm ecstatic!

Pete: She's a bomb!

2. After we kissed and made up after resolving an argument, my girlfriend treated me out to a showing of the movie "Sibling Rivalry" at the Studio 35 cinema. The best I can say about that is that I didn't waste any dough, because that flick is so godawful it's a totally depressing bomb. I hated every minute of it.
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
A considerably large pinch of dip. (smokeless chewing tobacco)
Me and the boys pack bombs. we go through a tin and a half a day!
by cory22 January 10, 2007
To look HOT in every way...
Describing a person as being bomb Means he/she is everything put together in LOOKS WISE, like nothing kills them on the outside in other words Flawless...
BerlyKim: Aye Foo You Know Who I Think Is Bomb?
Jella: Who Dawg?
BerlyKim: Kim Kardashian Is Bomb Aye.
Jella: Yeah Foo Shes Freakin Bomb Ass Fuck.
BerlyKim: Foreaal Id Smash Like There's No Tommorrow (;
by NarLu April 19, 2011
1. (noun) a weapon used for killing because it explodes.
2. (verb) something, usually a film, that performed poorly for audiences and made like zero dollars.
3. (adjective) not quite the coolest or best thing known to mankind, but close. often used in conjunction with "the" or "da." a shortened version of "the/da bomb diggity."

Person A: Hey, did you see that Speed Racer remake with Emile Hirsch?
Person B: UH, NO, DUDE. No one did. It totally bombed.

Person A: Dude, taste my sandwich. IT IS SO BOMB! It's like the best thing I have EVER TASTED!
Person B: Whatever, dude. Did you see my triple word score?! IT WAS SOOOO BOMB!

by caddy crickette August 08, 2008