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Alias for Chris Edge
That Boltz is one gay motherfucker.
by bl4d3 December 21, 2004
a trick landed clean over the screws of a skateboard.
He landed that trick boltz.
by Flip6 March 29, 2010
Meaning the same as "I called it" or "I dibs (somthing)".
Boltz Shotgun!
by Alyssa March 12, 2004
"a fine ass bitch" a person who is attractive, hot, sexy, cute, any adjective that describes positive physical attributes
"damn that girl is BOLTZ"
"ooooooo ryan gosling is BOLTZ NIGGAA"
by hambush August 28, 2008
wat paul lahm has. often metal and in your back.
paul lahm has boltz.
by shweaty alex September 29, 2004