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To be extremely cool,hot, or off the hook.
That new Mustang is bolt.
by Big Pimpin JG December 27, 2005
30 39
To wack off in the handicap stall of a school while taking a dump, and this requires a iphone, iphone3gs or an itouch( first or second generation)
samuel: hey mike what r u doing in there?!(the stall door opens)
Mike: ahh! Wtf get out of here
Samuel: were u....wacking off?
Mike: shut up I was only bolting
by goochiemancan January 07, 2010
173 119
A great accomplishment, from skateboarding culture, landing a trick perfectly with each foot on your front and back truck bolts and ride away.
Pound a beer let out a huge burp then yell "BOLTS!!"
by Ian Purvis April 12, 2007
58 9
To run away due to danger
The Rexdale Ryders are pussies so they bolted when the Brown Bullets came
by S Cubed August 19, 2003
134 109
Used to describe when a skateboard trick is stomped to perfection. Name comes from the rider landing with his feet over the bolts/trucks.

Also used in snowboarding when a trick is landed super clean.

If you see someone stomp something with zero sketch factor, yell "BOLTS!"
"He landed that treflip bolts"

Johnny: "Oh my god that was the cleanest switch nosepress ever!"
Simon: "BOLTS!"
by grenadegloves December 17, 2009
20 5
To away at great speed... Scots Slang
"Shit! The Pollis! Bolt"
"Bolt Ya Rocket"
by [X] September 26, 2006
94 81
Locking in plans. Confirming/Confirmed details.
1."Lemme check my calendar before I bolt it"
2."Are we going out tomorrow still?"
"Yeah its totally bolt"
by dannymce February 10, 2014
5 0
Looks Like A Funny Movie Beside the Fact That Miley Cyrus is in it.
Bolt Looks Hilarious
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 14, 2008
44 40