N. The smell most commonly attributed to white people
My roomate freshman year was this white dude from Kansas, he had our dorm smelling like bologna.
#white #people #smell #odor #funky
by Purp City July 17, 2008
Big fine ass, Plumb bottom, or any nice rear end
Damn homie check out the bologna on that guy, I'd go gay for that.
#badankadank #ass #bolone #junk-in-yo-trunk #bottom
by Aoassis May 14, 2006
The outer skin folds of the vagina similar to batwings.
Look at the bologna on that pussy! Anyone got some mustard?
by sfindlay June 01, 2005
bologna pronounced as spelled.
is whatever you want it to mean
you can make it say ughh whatever
or like... yay! or something.
god that was such a bologna moment.
what a bologna!
#bologna #cheese #bored #yay #poop
by Marly Mosh November 29, 2007
a slang word for marijuana. use is localized to certain regions of Long Island, New York
can also be used as a verb in reference to smoking marijuana.
let's bologna.
by ---- August 21, 2003
cross-section of dachsund.
"Hmm, Oscar Mayer Dachsund Farms... wonder what that's about?"
by jojotheirishkid March 28, 2005
1. A vagina loose to the point that it looks like nasty, old, and delapitated bologna. Also see "Roast Beef"
"I've never such bologna on a chick in my life!"
by JonesinJones May 21, 2005
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