bologna ( pronounced ba-lone-ee ) Is the black people's steak.
raeven made a bologna sandwich for sam.
by Wcsamm December 06, 2014
As quoted by The Legendary Alejandro:

"Balling Over Low Obstacles, Gunning Niggaz Around."

It is slightly more clutch than "going ham," although less intense than going "balls-to-the-wall."

It tends to correspond with "hauling ass."
Madu, normally running a 10 minute mile, decided to go bologna and ran it in under 4 minutes like a fucking bauwse.
by thehujamref August 19, 2013
used to describe a chick's nipples if she got some big ass titties
"dayam dawg, that girl got bologna nippels!"
by sds May 05, 2004
lunch meat that isn't really meat
something smells like bologna in here
by nate the great April 19, 2004
The opposite or H.A.M. (Hard As a Mother-fucker).
I be goin H.A.M. but you niggas are straight bologna!
by t`RAV September 10, 2011
The slang term that is used for the penis. It is one of many slang terms used by guys and girls when talking about it
guy 1: YO! You have to meet this girl
guy 2: Why?
guy 1: She really knows how to suck a bologna poney
by tbag625 February 04, 2010
a large chunky piece of meat used for slapping you in the chin
damn my bologna is all up on your goatee
by matt and jeff November 21, 2003
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