a large chunky piece of meat used for slapping you in the chin
damn my bologna is all up on your goatee
by matt and jeff November 21, 2003
Top Definition
Meaning bull shit. If someone is telling you something that sounds completely unbelievable or made up it is balogna.
You: i have a 13 inch cock!
Friend: That's bologna, i've seen your 3 incher!!!
by Shannon Elizabeth July 27, 2005
cheap substitute of lunch meat consisting of the flesh of dead old people taken from nursing homes.
Why is it called the Oscar Mayer Old Folks Home?
by Timmy Valentine July 08, 2004
Once commonly used as the filling of a sandwich, this meat, partially comprised of filler and hoof, is today the hottest party accessory. Across the country, socialites blow between .5-1 gram of cocaine, then strip to their underwear, and cover themselves with bologna. They wear "meat masks" made of bologna with eye holes cut into them for optimal visibility. Some hot celebs who have been photographed having cocaine-fueled bologna parties: Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Gwyneth Paltrow.
Ben: "Hey, we need three pounds of bologna...I have a couple spicgooks coming over for a coke-fueled meat party tonight!"
Tom: "Oh they're coming?! Holy Niggadick! I'll go pick up the bologna and an eight-ball!"
by Frank Giuffrida November 29, 2006
Lunch meat made from the other lunch meat that fell on the floor.
also see: Potted meat
by Nick December 04, 2004
Replacement word for the profanity "bullshit", used by vintage lifestylists to make fun of the old censorship laws. Refers to lying or exagerating.
What a bunch of bologna. You don't believe that, do you?
by $ally August 04, 2007
A downgrade from Ham.
I be goin Ham shawty, upgrade from Bologna
by HAMmasterrr January 20, 2011
Lunch meat to masturbate with if heated in the microwave for 15 seconds
Guy 1: Got any Bologna

Guy 2: Yeah why?

Guy1: I gotta go to the bathroom
by ACT4Life4real October 10, 2011
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