large pink, nipples that look like slices of bologna. thanks to my b/f chris for this one!!
by aamanda September 23, 2003
Top Definition
A girl with very large areolas
That girls got bologna nipples
by Fr3 May 26, 2006
When a chick's nipple is so huge it covers her entire tit, like a big ol' slice of bologna.
Dseeamn cunt, you gotta gimme some fuckin bread and mayo before i suck on your big ass bologna nipples!
by jut March 11, 2003
A females nipples that are so large, that they take up almost the entire surface area of the woman's breast.

The color of the nipple has an identical shade as bologna.
Her bologna nipples should be put on a meat slicer and be served a a deli.
by PancakeNipples January 06, 2010
girls with bologna nipples should breastfeed starving kids in africa because they have extremely large nipples.
person 1: kath has some majorly big bologna nipples!
person 2: yeah she should breastfeed kids in africa!
by supppp June 20, 2007
Term used by virgins who don't know the difference between a nipple and areola to describe breasts with large areolas.
Virgin: Dude, that bitch has totally nasty bologna nipples.

Not Virgin: Shut up you little faggot, like you've ever touched any breast other than your own hairy moobies.
by furdiesenlulz January 15, 2009
Using coins for measurement, these are nipples which are equal to or greater than $3.04 on a C cup.
She's was really hot until she took off her shirt and I saw her bologna nipples and I was like, "Damn! Put your shirt back on or turn around!"
by david February 11, 2004
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