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Unusually large labia minora. Usually hanging down low so that if a strong breeze blew they would flap around giving off the effect of window curtains.
There is a stripper at The Pony who has bologna curtains so big, she tied them in a knot!
by URASuka June 18, 2009
8 3
Pussy lips so big and wide, they could be pulled cheek to cheek while attempting to "slicing the ham" with your tongue.
While flicking my girl-friend's bean, I had to part her bologna curtains like a high school musical getting ready to play an encore.
by Ned Bolcar July 02, 2010
10 0
Another name for the frothy piss hole vagina
That chick's bologna curtains stank like fish
by funnymick June 23, 2006
8 2