a new language where the only word is "bolly" Bolly encompasses all things good and bad.
You: "how are you today mrs smith?"
Mrs Smith: "BOLLY!!! BOLLY! *points angrily* BOLLY!!!"
by Photo678 December 03, 2008
Top Definition
Typically a reference to Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne. 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Meunier.
I'm afraid the best champagne they do in this bar is only bolly, but it's pretty cheap at thirty eight quid a bottle.
by Dan Fox June 11, 2003
Extremely hot male. exceptional friend, listens to you when you're in need and will be there for you.. Kind, and interesting. Works wonders in the kitchen and bedroom alike. Known for being sweet and gentle when it comes to women. Has the advantage of being hung Like King Kong, with extreme stamina!!!
My name is Bolly and everything about this is true

Damn I wish I could be like Bolly
by afanofbolly February 03, 2010
expensive, clean-cut, beautiful without too sexually overt
damn, you look bolly af in that dress!
by yazboo82 May 01, 2015

Of or pertaining to one who is dressed in a glamorous fashion, as if said person is an indian actress or actor.

When referencing a woman, the word has a positive connotation, as Indian actresses are generally considered very beautiful. When attributed to men on the other hand, the word has a deeply negative and offensive connotation, as male Indian actors are considered hairy, oddly shaped, and disposed to poor hygienic standards.

Bolly is a shortening of "Bollywood", referring to the hub of the Indian film industry: Bombay (Mumbai), which is commonly referred to as such. This is an obvious play on the word "Hollywood".

This interpretation is completely unrelated to the British exclamation, short of "Bollocks".
"whoa dawg, that chick is wicked bolly, yo"
"girl, that man is so bolly its dag nasty. get me a towel"
by Dr. S. Mukherji April 30, 2007
To be used when disappointed or angry at a situation.
'Bolly, my car won't start'
by JenRichTom June 10, 2005
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