In Italy we use two rude slang words, 1- "scoglionato" that derives from coglioni (same meaning of bollox, testicles) and 2 - "scazzato" (from cazzo, penis)to define the feeling of being either "annoyed to death" or "extremely unsatisfied" because of a certain situation or circumstance.

I guess it might be used in the same way
1 - I felt so bolloxed during the party that I preferred to get back home.

2 - "Hey Joe what's up? You look bolloxed" "I am Frank, things are going in the opposite way I had planned'em"
by The Italian Bad Ass November 24, 2006
Top Definition
Irish slang.
1. Used to describe something that is ruined or broken.
2. To be in a troublesome situations.
Rel. banjaxed, screwed, fucked up
1. I dropped my iPod down the stairwell. It's bolloxed.
2. When I saw the blue lights come on in the rearview mirror, I knew I was completely bolloxed
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
Extremely drunk
Ben got bolloxed last night and the police picked him up for public urination
by DirtyDiana August 22, 2008
extremely tired. suffering from fatigue. badly hungover
"what's wrong man your so quiet?"

"awh nothin' man i'm just bolloxed"
by joe balls March 11, 2008
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